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Accessories & Repairs

To Order Call, Fax or Email Progressive Therapy Systems
We accept Checks, Money Orders and All Major Credit/Debit Cards


Instrument Repairs and Service are available through Progressive Therapy Systems on all models of the Electro-Acuscope, Myoscope and Myopulse. This can range from minor or routine service and battery replacements to complete rebuilds and recalibration.

A Service Request Form MUST be filled out and included with the instrument when it is shipped for any type of service. To download a copy of the form, along with full instructions, CLICK HERE.

For more information, or to ask more specific questions about instrument repair/service, please contact Progressive Therapy Systems.

Electro-Acuscope, Myopulse, Myoscope and
Neuroscope Service and Repair Charges

The following are estimated costs of equipment repairs*:

Acuscope 70B – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Acuscope 70C – Battery & Basic Service $700.00
Acucope 80B (SN#< 1000) – Battery & Basic Service $975.00
Myopulse 80B (SN#< 1000) – Battery & Basic Service $975.00
Acuscope 80C – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Myopulse 75C – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Acuscope 80L – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Myopulse 75L – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Myopulse 75LN – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Acuscope 85P – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Myoscope 85P – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Acuscope 80T – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Myopulse 75T – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Myopulse 75TN – Battery & Basic Service $900.00
Neuroscope 230 – Battery & Basic Service $450.00

Repair charges will include some or all of the following: Clean all switches, Replace charger input, Replace power switch, Redo speaker

* Additional charges for extended repairs may apply.

Please contact Progressive Therapy Systems for current prices on specific repair issues such as conversions to other voltage, calibration conversion, cases, case handles, etc.


To Order Call, Fax or Email Progressive Therapy Systems
We accept Checks, Money Orders and All Major Credit/Debit Cards


Progressive Therapy Systems offers a full line of probes, cords and accessories for all models of the Electro-Acuscope, Myoscope and Myopulse. These range from basic accessories to special order items. 

  • Note:  All of our probes with attached cords, independent straight wires, and separate coiled accessory cords have been modified and are longer than the standard length for optimal use of equipment.



acuscope accessory image

Trigger Probe * (with cord)

acuscope accessory imageNon-Trigger Probe *

acuscope accessory imageBall Tips in Three Sizes

•Narrow 1/4"
• Medium 3/8"
• Large 1/2"
•(Standard Set – 2 Narrow and 2 Medium) *

acuscope accessory imageHand Held Reference Electrode Bar(s)

•  Large (1” X 3”)
•  Standard (1/2” X 3”) *

acuscope accessory imageCoiled Accessory Cord (Banana Plug) *

acuscope accessory imagePlacement Electrodes in Three Sizes

•  2” X 2”
•  1” X 3”
•  1” X 1” *

Come in Sets of 2 with Straight Lead Wires (7')

acuscope accessory imageFoam Pads for Mini-Plates and Brass Tips Pack of 10

* Included in Basic Purchase Price of Electro-Acuscope Model 80L


acuscope accessory imageLarge Foot Plate Unit


•  2 Large Brass Alloy Plates
•  Junction Box
•  3 Coiled Accessory Cords

acuscope accessory imageSingle Mini-Roller

acuscope accessory imageDouble Mini-Roller

acuscope accessory imageY-Probe

Includes two sets of tips:

•  Short
•  Medium

acuscope accessory imageEar Clip Set

acuscope accessory imageHeadband Set

(with snap-on lead wires)


acuscope accessory imageLarge Double Roller

acuscope accessory image

Large Single Roller

acuscope accessory imageLarge Single Disc Roller

acuscope accessory imageLarge Double Disc Roller

(for bi-lateral spinal treatment)

acuscope accessory imageGrand Single Roller

acuscope accessory imageMini Double Disk Roller

acuscope accessory imageGrand Ball Probe Set

(for small or large muscle treatment)



acuscope accessory image Auricular (ear) Trigger Probe

acuscope accessory imageFoot Reflex Probe

acuscope accessory image

Soft Tissue Probe

for Skin Care – Set (4 Tips)

acuscope accessory imageOdonton (Intra-Oral) Probe

acuscope accessory image

Lymph Node Probe

acuscope accessory imageLymphatic Drainage Probe Set

acuscope accessory imageRectal or Vaginal Probe



acuscope accessory image
Conductive Electrolyte Solution

•  Single 4 oz. Bottle
•  Case of 12

acuscope accessory imageConductive Electrolyte
(Connective & Soft Tissue)

Pink Cream
•  Single Jar
•  Case of 12


acuscope accessory imageAcuscope Charger Module (80L Model)

Myopulse Charger Cord

acuscope accessory imageacuscope accessory image

For a complete list of accessories available and prices, please contact Progressive Therapy Systems. We have most accessory items in stock so they can be shipped promptly.


Animal Therapy Systems is the Exclusive Distributor of the Animal (Equine) Calibrated Equipment, so ANY animal recalibration/conversion requests MUST be handled solely through Animal Therapy Systems.

Major credit cards accepted by phone, fax or email.
Leasing Options Available


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